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The Benefits of Vision Therapy for Kids

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An optometrist helping a young boy with vision therapy treatment.

Vision therapy is an innovative and effective treatment that can improve a child’s visual abilities and enhance their overall quality of life. This form of therapy uses a variety of exercises and activities to target key aspects of vision, such as eye tracking, focusing, and eye teaming.

By working one-on-one with an eye doctor or vision therapist, children can have the opportunity to train their vision. The potential benefits of vision therapy for children include visual skill development, improvements with reading and interpreting visual information, and personalized vision support through a program tailored to their specific needs. 

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on developing and improving a child’s visual skills. It involves exercises and activities designed to improve various aspects of vision. These exercises target the visual system, including the eyes, the brain, and the muscles that control eye movement.

During a typical session, your vision therapist or eye doctor can work one-on-one with your child to develop and improve key visual skills. These skills may include eye tracking, focusing and refocusing, and eye teaming. Your visual therapy team may also use tools such as electronic targets, therapeutic lenses, balance boards, prisms, filters, and occluders (like eyepatches) to help your child develop these skills.

A young boy comfortably reading while lying down on the floor and resting his feet against a bookshelf full of books.

Benefits of Vision Therapy

Vision therapy can provide many benefits for those who are struggling with vision.

Improved Visual Skills

One of the most significant potential benefits of vision therapy is improving visual skills. Vision therapy can focus on correcting eye problems such as tracking, focusing, and eye teaming. Patients can enhance their hand-eye coordination and spatial skills by working on these areas.

Better Visual Comfort

Many people find it challenging to concentrate or read for extended periods of time. Vision therapy can help improve their visual comfort, ease, and efficiency. By learning how to relax their eyes, patients can increase their visual endurance, which can help with daily activities like reading for longer periods of time.

Enhanced Visual-Processing & Interpretation

Vision therapy can also work to change how a patient processes and interprets visual information. It can help the brain improve its ability to process visual data and interpret it more accurately. This adaptation can be beneficial for individuals who have problems with visual perception.

Customized Training

Vision therapy can include personalized treatment to address the specific visual problems of your child. Before beginning the program, your optometrist may perform a comprehensive exam to identify problem areas. Based on the exam results, they’ll create an individualized program for your child.

Enhance Your Child’s Vision Today with Vision Therapy at Total Vision Tierrasanta

Vision therapy is an important and beneficial form of support that can help your child’s vision. With customized training tailored to your child’s needs, vision therapy can be a fantastic tool to help them progress with their vision development.

At Total Vision Tierrasanta, we’re committed to helping you and your family enjoy life’s best moments with visual clarity. If you are looking for ways to help improve your children’s vision, please consider booking an appointment with us. We will gladly look into the type and frequency of vision therapy that fits your family best.

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