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Cutting-Edge Long-Term Vision Correction

Correcting your vision without glasses or contact lenses might sound ambitious, but laser eye surgery helps many people do just that. Laser eye surgery procedures are generally considered safe and effective for fixing various refractive errors.

Laser eye surgery is a commitment that you’ll want to discuss with your eye doctor beforehand. Our team conducts detailed laser eye surgery consultations so you can make your choice with confidence.

What Are the Different Types of Laser Eye Surgery?

LASIK is performed by making a small flap in the surface of your eye with a laser operated by an ophthalmologist, who then alters the shape of the corneal stroma. Afterward, the flap is put back so that it can heal back into place.

LASIK boasts high rates of effectiveness and is more popular than other laser eye surgery procedures, likely because of its short recovery times. LASIK patients can typically see clearly in under 24 hours and have stable vision in less than 3 months.

PRK is often recommended for those with thinner-than-average corneas.

PRK is performed by using a laser to remove the eye’s outer surface entirely. The ophthalmologist then reshapes the corneal stroma in a similar fashion, and the eye’s outer surface is left to grow back.

PRK also has high rates of patient satisfaction but can take longer to recover from. It can take 1 to 3 weeks before your vision stabilizes and as much as 3 months for your eyes to heal completely.

What Happens During a Consultation?

During each consultation for laser eye surgery, we gather data on:

  • The thickness of your cornea.
  • The stability of your vision.
  • Your current lens prescription.
  • Your medical history, family history, and history of medication.

If you seem like a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery, we’ll also take time to talk with you about likely outcomes so that you know what to expect. Then you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether you want to go ahead with your procedure.

Our practice will also schedule follow-ups after your surgery to ensure you’re healing well and help prevent postoperative complications.

It’s Time for Your Consultation

Talking to your eye doctor is the only way to know for sure if laser eye surgery is right for you. Contact us today and book your laser eye surgery consultation.

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