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Total Myopia Program

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common refractive error that affects lots of children. Myopia causes distant objects to appear blurry and our team screens for myopia in each child’s eye exam. We work with you and explore myopia control methods that can help your kids enjoy clear, healthy vision.

We are also thrilled to announce the “Total Myopia” program!

The Total Myopia medical professionals and their dedicated team employ modern technology to assess, care for, and develop tailored treatment strategies for every patient. These comprehensive strategies include:

  • Customized eye drops, soft multifocal contacts, and overnight lenses
  • A systematic approach with scheduled follow-up appointments to help sustain eye health through consistent medical oversight and management
  • Assessments aligned with the individualized treatment plan for each patient
  • Thorough training on the proper usage, insertion, and removal of contact lenses
  • An ongoing maintenance regimen for effective myopia control, with a focus on achieving lasting results

Family Solutions for Myopia Control

Over 40 million Americans are expected to have myopia by 2050. This common refractive error makes it harder to focus on distant objects and generally begins between the ages of 6 and 14.

Myopia progression typically stabilizes when the eyes stop growing around age 20. However, myopia at any age should be concerning since it can increase your risk of developing certain eye diseases.

Total Vision Tierrasanta can help your child control myopia with special eyeglasses or contact lenses. Our eye doctors can also provide solutions to help control myopia in adults.

What Is Myopia?

Sometimes, a person’s eyes become longer over time and incoming light can’t focus properly on the retina anymore. The resulting condition is called Myopia, which makes distant objects appear out of focus.

Myopia is particularly concerning for children since 80% of their learning is visual. Children with myopia may have a harder time reading the board in school classrooms, playing sports, or crossing the street safely.

Regular children’s eye exams can alert you to the presence of myopia while your children are still young. Once we’ve diagnosed a patient with myopia, we can recommend options for reducing its progression.

What Are the Symptoms of Myopia?

  • Distant objects appear blurry
  • You can’t see clearly without squinting
  • You get frequent headaches from eye strain
  • You can’t see clearly when driving at night

Myopia Solutions

Total Vision Tierrasanta offers several options for addressing myopia. We’ll measure your axial length to find out how severe your myopia is, then recommend one of the following strategies:

Laser eye surgeries like LASIK and PRK can correct myopia instead of controlling it. However, they may not be appropriate for severe cases. Laser eye surgery is also not FDA-approved for people under 18 years of age, since their eyes are still developing and their prescriptions are likely to keep changing after the surgery.

Find Myopia Control Solutions for Your Family

Early diagnosis can help you and your children control myopia and reduce its risks. Contact us as soon as possible to arrange eye exams for your family.

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